Unleash Your Personal Growth and Leadership Potential

This program combines the best of John Maxwell’s leadership development learning with powerful Empowerment Mentoring lessons to help unleash your personal growth and leadership potential!



Expanding awareness is the first step toward any kind of change. We’re going to discuss concepts that open your awareness and allow you to think differently.


Our actions drive our results. This program is designed not only to help you think differently, but to put learning into action in your life and business.


Results are the name of the game. This program will allow you to unleash your growth potential, aim higher, and increase the power of your results.

This 6 month program is designed so you can learn and grow as an individual participant or your entire organization can learn and grow together! The program was developed to expand awareness and put learning into action – expanding individual development and facilitating growth for your business!


One hour teaching calls will be delivered twice per month. Teaching calls will be offered at two different times of day for your employees to choose from. During the call, a teaching will be delivered, and Q&A will be available for participants to ask questions so they can begin applying what they are learning directly to their challenges and their learning objectives. Each lesson will be recorded and available on the online platform for anyone who misses it. All employees will have access to the online platform for recorded calls and additional resources.

In addition to the Teaching calls, your program purchase comes with two, in person, one hour mini-workshops. As well as two laser calls with your program point person to make sure your team is leveraging maximum benefit from the program.

This 6 month program  for Businesses includes:

  • One program Launch Call
  • 12 Teaching Call Lessons with Q&A
  • Two, one-hour in person or virtual mini-workshops for your team either virtual or in person.
  • Two, half hour laser calls with a point person from your organization to discuss how your team can leverage the program lessons to maximize results!


This 6 month program for Individuals includes:

  • One program Launch Call
  • 12 Teaching Call Lessons with Q&A.
  • One, 15 minute, one on one virtual mentoring session to help you dig into applying the lesson principles to Unleash your personal and professional growth potential!




Sample lessons include the following topics:

  • The Law of Intentionality – Growth Doesn’t Just Happen
  • You are a Leader!
  • Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect – Time to start connecting!
  • The Power of Perspective
  • The Toughest Person to Lead is Always Yourself
  • Drama – Time to let it go!
  • Turning Losses into Stepping Stones for Success
  • Positive Attitude
  • Empowering the People Around Us
  • Purpose, Vision, Goals
  • Self-Image - You can never outperform your own self image
  • The Law of Expansion – Growth Always Increases Your Capacity
  • Today Matters!

Each one of us has potential hidden deep within, and we don’t even realize it’s there – waiting for us to tap into, waiting for us to open the door and let it loose!

Program Pricing

50 or less employees


One time Payment

This purchase includes one program seat for each of your employees.

51 to 200 employees


One time Payment

This purchase includes one program seat for each of your employees.



One time Payment


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